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Working with energy to Stay Heathly in the modern world

  The Team

Our competent and friendly team uses traditional and modern energy techniques to treat you individually in the best possible way. They are qualified and insured. 

Sam is degree qualified to MSc., level and is a member of the Association of Crystal Healers, ACHO, and The Reiki Association. She was attuned to level 3, a Reiki Master in 2005, and a Master/Teacher in 2006.  Sam also qualified with her diploma in Crystal Therapy in 2006.


We look to work alongside the medical and veterinary profession,  but can also help you and your animals to prevent new health issues and to increase your fitness.

Our team has extensive knowledge within both the equestrian and therapy world and we are able to deliver a coheasive and holistic package.


We can offer both Reiki treatments, Aromatherapy oils, and Crystal Therapy treatments for both humans and their animals. 

Sam is a Master Reiki Teacher/crystal therapist with over 20 years of experience. She can help not only people but horses, dogs, and other animals.

She offers different level attunements Reiki One, Two, and Three.

Sam is also able to offer Equine Reiki Level One, Two, and Three courses, where we can develop a therapist's equestrian skills and their Reiki development.


New courses for First Degree Equine Reiki coming soon.  For more information please email  Thank you

What people are saying about Energy Body Blueprint:


"I found that my energy increased and I was able to deal with all that life threw at me.  Within two sessions I would I had my mo-jo back and felt balanced and able to cope with what life sent my way'.


'"Sam is very professional and was able to help me get back on my feet.  I found my energy increased and I was able to balance what I needed to do'. I highly recommend treatments as they help you with all that comes your way in this life."


"I found that I had my energy back and I was able to get clarity with what I wanted to achieve".



"We where able to qualify for our major competition and this just made all the difference. Our horse was back and able to enjoy himself."



"I have my dog back, she is able to enjoy herself and has her natural rhythm back. I can't thank Sam and Energy Body Blueprint enough."

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