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"Quotes from clients"


"I found that my energy increased and I was able to deal with all that life threw at me.  Within two sessions I would I had my mo-jo back and felt balanced and able to cope with what life sent my way'.


'Sam is very professional and was able to help me get back on my feet.  I found my energy increased and I was able to balance what I needed to do'. I highly recommend treatments as they help you with all that comes your way in this life.


"I found that I had my energy back and I was able to get clarity with what I wanted to achieve".


"We got Sam in to help us as our horse had just given up on competing. It was really important as had qualified and had been entered in an international competition.  She was able to get to the bottom of the situation and he completed and was placed in the top 10'.


'I didn't know what to do as my horse kept damaging her ligament even though we religiously did everything the vet told us to. Sam thought it might be a crack in her energy field.  She came and treated our horse and we went to the vet for the last trot up and she was sound. I was very pleased'



"I have my dog back, she is able to enjoy herself and has her natural rhythm back. I can't thank Sam at Energy Body Blueprint enough."




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